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Classic Wall4u

Why only Twitter?
Wall4u also allows the use of Facebook, Google+, text messages, Instagram, YouTube, Vine…
We follow the trend…

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Your audience becomes a real actor and actively contributes to the building and success of your event!
Make your audience participate via contests, quiz, polls…
Let us consider your event marketing together.


A custom wall that matches your image


Everything remains under control…
Wall4u allows you to correct and validate the questions before displaying them on the screen.
If you consider some interventions as inappropriate, you can delete or rephrase them.
You can also display those questions and comments at the most appropriate moments.


Display them in evidence on your interface and make them more visible via logos and ads.


How many participating users and messages, most voted questions,
time when questions were asked…
You get complete statistics about how your audience was implicated in your event
and you keep track of all the content sent by the users during your events.
Those data will prove to be essential when organizing your future events!