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SmartWall Wall4u

Interactive Social Wall

Today, SmartPhone or tablets became for most of us an indispensable tool in our daily lives. Everyone wants to communicate where he/she (pas de discrimination hein ;) is, with whom, what he/she is doing, etc.

From this analysis, we developed an interactive tool which allows you to make your event and your messages more noticeable for your audience due to unique and innovative options.

You involve and invite the target audience to communicate about this event and to follow the key messages you want to deliver. Consequently, you increase the visibility and the notoriety of your event.
Our services cover the main communication channels and current social networks : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text messages, e-mails, web conference, pictures, etc.
We offer you a technological solution and a technical support.

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Classic Wall4u

Your audience becomes a real actor and contributes actively to the building and success of your event! Wall4u help you to channel communications and exchanges on the location of the event with the wall4u classic.

Scrolling Banner

You want to make your messages scrolling in the bottom or the top of the screen while broadcasting videos or life streaming? The scrolling banner allows this simultaneity.

Second Screen

You want to reach a greater public and be more visible?
With Second Screen you can allow anyone, with a single URL link, to have access to your interactive wall, be it from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
In short, the audience is present at and out of the event…