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SmartWall Wall4u

What Is Wall4u?

WALL4U makes communication easier.
Its interface allows you to collect messages and actions, coming from several channels of communication, and to show them live during your events through one or more visual displays.
Among those channels are, for example, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram), text messages, e-mails, web conferencing, pictures, quiz and polls, etc.

We offer you a technological solution and a technical support.

People who attend your event become real actors.

You can innovate, build, create… Everything is possible!

Your advantages

  • Your audience becomes involved
  • You make your event’s communication more dynamic
  • You make your sponsors and partners more visible in different ways (logo display, pictures, video clips, etc.)
  • You boost the traffic on your event’s Facebook page
  • You show an innovative image of the event (in and out of the event)
  • You get a feedback about the quality of the event and potential aspects that should be improved.